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Spicy Short Ribs With Chile Sauce

This pepper sauce is a great basic all-around pepper blend that would go great on lots of…

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Easy classic sweet and spicy BBQ or smoked rib rub

A good sweet and spicy rub will appeal to many rib aficionados and please the crowd at…

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Easy spicy homemade BBQ sauce

There’s a zillion great BBQ sauces out there, but there’s something about homemade that makes it a…

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Tonguespank liquor & pepper seasonings review

The fine folks at were kind enough to provide some extremely manly booze-infused spices for me…

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Crock pot marinara sauce

Making marinara sauce usually requires a long simmer at the end. I’m too lazy to stand watching…

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings

OK I Lied. There’s no wings in here, I use chicken tenderloins in any recipe for wings….

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Criminelli’s Salami Sauce

As promised (or as wife says: threatened)  I did copycat recipe based on Michael Isabella’s pepperoni sauce…

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Chunky Red Salsa

I guess we’ll start off slow. Salsa isn’t really cooking, but it is manly. I planted 8…